Chicken Chorizo Meatloaf

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75 MIN















ground chicken ( or turkey )

900 g

red onion ( finely diced )

1 medium

bell pepper ( or poblano pepper, finely diced )

1 pepper

red pepper ( resno peppers, finely diced )

2 pepper

kale ( stems kale, leaves only, finely chopped )

1 cup
3 cloves

chili powder ( ancho chili powder )

3 tsp

cajun seasoning ( no salt added )

1 tsp

pink Himalayan salt ( or smoked sea salt )

1 tsp
1/4 tsp, ground
2 medium

flaxseed ( ground flaxseed )

1/4 cup, whole

heavy cream ( or coconut milk )

1/2 cup, whipped
1 tbsp

Chicken Chorizo Meatloaf

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Step 1

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Step 2

Add all ingredients except the Sriracha sauce to a bowl and blend together using clean hands or a fork until well combined.

Step 3

Press into a loaf pan and then brush with the Sriracha sauce or squirt the sauce on top in a zig zag pattern.

Step 4

Bake about 1 hour until internal temp reaches 165 degrees.

Step 5

Remove from oven and let rest 15 minutes before serving.

Chicken and turkey are popular for being high in protein and low in saturated fats making a mealtime staple for athletes as well as in many healthy eating households. Falling back on the same old recipes starts to become mundane and a little too routine. Finding new ways to cook up the standard bird and keep it interesting (and keep your taste buds dancing) is time-consuming but in this series of recipes, I will highlight many different ways to prepare your poultry so your meal rotation is anything but boring. So whaddya say? Let’s play chicken!

Plain old meatloaf is plain old boring. I like to create a more flavorful meal by combining my main meat base with chorizo for a little kick. Chorizo purchased off the shelf often has less desirable ingredients in it and is typically made with ground pork. Making your own chorizo or purchasing from a butcher shop that doesn’t use preservatives and allows you to request the desired fat content is a good way to go. I prefer to make my own chorizo using a blend of spices so I know exactly what goes into my meal.

To make a chicken chorizo meatloaf, I’ve combined traditional chorizo spices with ground chicken. Using lean chicken or turkey for a meatloaf base significantly reduces the amount of saturated fat so you’ll notice that after you bake it, this meatloaf won’t be swimming in a pool of liquid grease that is common with traditional meatloaves. This little variation of meatloaf has a lot of bold flavors, some veggie value, and is topped with a Sriracha hot sauce to bring even more heat to your dinner table. Any leftovers are more flavorful the next day and make a tasty, easy sandwich filling or lettuce wrap for lunch.

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